Testing & Certification

Bio-Nordic Heat offer a full range of Research, Development, Testing and Certification support services in the field of Low and Zero Carbon Technologies.

Through our affiliation with ÄFAB , the Independent Swedish based Test Laboratory, we can provide fuel analysis, fuel combustion testing and a wide range of associated European Certification tests. Our services extend to research of potential cellulosic fuels from both agricultural and industrial waste sectors and subsequently developing biomass fuel products that can be used for renewable heating.

In addition, Bio-Nordic Heat are one of the UK’s leading facilitators for UK certifications, assisting manufacturers wishing to have their products suitably certified for the UK market. In this capacity we guide and represent our clients in achieving Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) product listing , Exempt Appliance listing for Smoke Exemption, Energy Technology Product Listing for the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme and most recently Particulate Emissions Certification (RHI Eligibility).