About Bio-Nordic

Bio-Nordic Ltd is a UK based Consulting Distributor specialising in the delivery of Scandinavian Expertise and Products in the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Building sectors.

We span all technologies: from Biomass Heat through to Passive Ventilation; all markets: residential, commercial and industrial, and provide an all-encompassing service which includes (but is not limited to):-

Design Consultancy:

  • Information source and associated advisory services
  • Training and educational support
  • Testing and certifying (fuels and products)
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Grant, tariff or loan application support
  • Budget costings
  • Engineering Design services (water, building services & renewables)
  • Engineering troubleshooting
  • CAD draughting services
  • Health & safety Management (construction), inc. CDM Coordinator
  • Performance & Full design specifications
  • Tendering support
  • Project & cost Management
  • Site supervision
  • Testing & commissioning witnessing
  • Support in obtaining record information (inc. Health & Safety File)
  • Support in obtaining controls access & setpoint information
  • Engineering troubleshooting
  • Support in obtaining service and maintenance contracts

Product Supply and Retailing

Authorised UK Distributor for:

Akron AB, Sweden – Woodchip Drying and Fuel Storage

Ariterm AB, Sweden – Wood Pellet Stoves & Boilers

Effecta AB, Sweden – Biomass Heat, Accumulators & Solar Thermal

GOTFire AB, Sweden – Woodchip Biomass Heating Boilers, Fuel Storage & Feed

Kamstrup As, Denmark – RHI compliant Heat Metering

Kvänum Energi AB, Sweden – Containerised Biomass Heat

Matene AS, Norway – Fluidised Pellet Fuel Feed

MAFA AB, Sweden – Wood Pellet Storage and Feed.

Osby Parca Division, Enertech Group AB, Sweden  -Commercial Biomass Boilers

Pellvac AB, Sweden – Vacuum pellet fuel feed

Stocksbro Energy Products AB, Sweden – Biomass Heat Generators

Authorised UK Sub-Distribution for:
ESBE AB, Sweden – Thermo-hydraulic controls

Vänertekno AB, Sweden – Biomass Air Heat

The companies we represent are respected leading lights in the industry, not only in their countries of origin but also in bio-energy circles around the world.

They offer some of the most innovative and well-engineered products available to the Renewables Market and deservedly set standards for others to follow.

Product Installation, Commissioning, Service & Maintenance.

Through close partnership with carefully chosen, experienced building services and rural engineering contractors, Bio-Nordic provides a full turn-key design & build service offering on-site handling, assembly and installation, product commissioning and various tiers of service and maintenance support dependent on client preference and/or scale and nature of the installation undertaken.

Each installer group receives manufacturer training before joining our dedicated installer networks and each is regarded as a Bio-Nordic affiliated representative.

Our network of trained installers is further supported by a UK based Expert Supervisory Installation company whose remit is to oversee our own nationwide installer network, providing design, assembly and commissioning support as required.

All installers are MCS Certified and/or Members of Professional Institutions.

At your service

Whatever your needs we aim to give accurate, clear and comprehensive advice; highly efficient, robust and easily maintained products and systems; and costs that offer excellent value for money.

Whilst we specialise in delivering Scandinavian sourced bio-energy technologies, we may often recommend and/or supply products literally from around the globe if we believe they offer the most appropriate solution in a given situation.

Bio-Nordic offers in-house design expertise and a range of products for renewables applications for every sector:

eg: our Bio-Nordic Heat division for Biomass Heating :
Residential: stoves and boiler stoves 2-10kW, and boilers from 12t-45kW
Commercial: boilers and Air Heaters 25kw through to 0.5MW.
Industrial , including District Heating scale:
Low and medium temperature hot water – 200kW to 7 MW & multiples
Steam (Saturated; up to 16 Bar Pressure) – up to 5MW.

Providing domestic hot water, heat (hot air and hot water) and steam for almost any application; from domestic homes, offices, community buildings, schools, and hospitals through to workshops, factory heating and industrial processes.

Our Unique Industry Experience and Supplier Relationships

Bio-Nordic has modelled and built itself upon the 30 plus years of work carried out by one of Sweden’s most respected independent bio-energy consultancies working within biomass combustion, ÄFAB of Lidköping in South West Sweden.

Today, the Bio-Nordic Heat division works side-by-side with ÄFAB to help spread the knowledge amassed in Scandinavia over the decades in design best practice for stoves and boilers and their ancillaries. For more information on the services and facilities that ÄFAB provides please follow this link: http://www.afabinfo.com/

Both Bio-Nordic Company Directors, James and Stephen, are Englishmen with strong Scandinavian family connections (their partners being of Norwegian and Swedish decent respectively) and a love of Scandinavia that has led them to residing in Sweden for many years.

Whilst Stephen has recently returned to the UK with his family after spending several years working for ÄFAB’s Research Laboratory in Lidköping, James lives in Sweden, as well as the UK, and this constant presence and strong association with Sweden has allowed Bio-Nordic to establish very close, mutually supportive relationships with our handful of chosen Scandinavian designers and manufacturers.

The depth of understanding and respect that has therefore been developed between Bio-Nordic’s engineers and the owners and managers of the Scandinavian suppliers allows Bio-Nordic to offer our installers and clients alike an enviable level of supplier support. This is particularly evident when special features are requested (many of our systems are designed and built bespoke), or when special efforts are required to ensure projects remain on schedule or have variations accommodated.

Post installation support and maintenance also benefits from our in-depth product knowledge and an ethos of taking responsibility for and a close interest in all aspects of an installation both before, during, and extending to the years of use beyond initial commissioning.

We are proud to offer this level of service and to help others benefit and take pleasure from the wealth of excellent, well developed products that Scandinavia, and indeed the wider bio-energy industry, has to offer.