Auto Pilot Biomass Boilers Launched!

i series controlAriterm AB, Sweden have designed a web-accessed intelligent controls package , labelled simply as “i”,  that literally transforms traditional biomass boiler performance and puts them at the forefront of global heating technology in the residential sector.

The “i” series auto-commissioning and auto-operating systems constantly optimise operational efficiency and  combustion emissions , leading to their Biomatic boiler range now far exceeding all European wide targets for biomass heat environmental performance.

Originally developed as the heart of the revolutionary ‘Biomatic i’ zero emission boiler, the remarkable engineers at Ariterm have applied this 21st Century technology to the much loved mainstay products of the Ariterm domestic range , the Biomatic +20 and Biomatic +40 boilers and have succeeded in a transformational boiler upgrade.

Included in the performance upgrade, the new controls offer: ‘True Lambda’ control with auto adjustment to fuel type and quality, internet based user control and monitoring (via PC, tablet or smartphone), multi-level password protected access, advanced alarm features and direct manufacturer technical support of every individual boiler, however remote.

Both Biomatic +20i and Biomatic +40i are now available for sale in the UK market and both models are offered in ‘combi’ format as well as ‘direct to system’ heating.

And the best part….Bio-Nordic are offering the new “i” series controlled boilers at the same price as the original model range and have substantially cut the price of the local boiler controlled versions in order to offer a no-frills low budget alternative.