Pellet Stoves

ARITERM SWEDEN AB – Compact Pellet Stoves with Superb Form, Function & Efficiency

Wood pellet stoves provide a very cost-effective sustainable heat source ideally suited to a surprisingly wide range of domestic and commercial applications. These include living rooms, small open plan houses, function rooms, waiting rooms, staff offices, etc.

Pellet Stoves are free-standing, room heating appliances which simply require a mains electrical supply and a small flue connection. Fuel is simply poured (from small, ready-made 10kg pellet bags) into the stove’s integral fuel hopper via opening lid. They can operate for up to a 2 or 3 days between fills, and operation is fully automatic, courtesy of a digital programmer and room temperature sensor.

Although currently not attracting the RHI, they are so competitively priced in comparison to full ‘wet’ heating systems that it means they allow those that would otherwise have to remain dependent on fossil fuel sources to convert to having a low carbon, sustainable heat source straightaway.
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Ariterm Neptuni Brochure Ariterm Ekerum Brochure Mysinge Pellet Stove Ariterm Lilla Fro Pellet Stove