Ariterm Biomatic Series

ARITERM Sweden AB, Sweden

Ariterm Biomatic+ Series Wood Pellet ‘Combination’ and ‘Loading’ Biomass Boiler

MCS Certified Product – Proving Quality and Attracting RHPP and RHI Funding

Ariterm design, develop and manufacture one of Scandinavia’s greatest success stories in biomass heat , namely the Ariterm BIOMATIC + Series, Fully Modulating, Biomass Boiler with Depo/Feedo Fuel Storage and Feed System.

The Ariterm Biomatic+ is an advanced, highly efficient, biomass heating boiler that can be supplied in either ‘combination’ format (offering high-flow domestic hot water at the turn of the tap) or, without heat exchanger, for heat accumulator ‘thermal loading’ applications. It features fully automatic operation (with advanced weather compensation control), long intervals between services and extremely quiet operation. Available in two,, variable range output sizes: Biomatic+20 (8-20kW) and Biomatic+40 (12-40kW) these incorporate fully modulating burners (Bequem Series), automatic ignition and self-extinguish control, integral buffer vessel for rapid response and heat sink, and due to these features this boiler does not require a separate heat accumulator or heat sink. They can additionally be installed in tandem for higher heat demand applications (when installed with our large capacity heat accumulators). They can also heat underfloor heating and radiator circuits independently.

Coupled to either Ariterm’s ingenious internal fuel storage and feed system (the very flexibly designed Depo and Feedo systems) or an external wood pellet storage container of client choice, our Ariterm Biomatic+ Series Boilers provide everything a property needs in terms of modern, fully programmable space and water heating making them an ideal renewable heating solution for both homes and small commercial/community premises.

What’s more our Ariterm Biomatic 20kW and 40kW Boilers are both MCS Certified and, subject to being installed by our own manufacturer authorised MCS Certified Installers, therefore allows immediate qualification for the Government’s Non-Domestic RHI* 20 years period funding stream (* also due to be provided to homeowners from summer 2013) and the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) available to domestic customers NOW.

Please click on the following images to learn more about the boiler and wood pellet fuel storage and feed solutions.

Ariterm Biomatic +20 Ariterm Biomatic +40 Ariterm Feedo (Fuel Feed) Ariterm Depo (Fuel Storage)