About Bio-Nordic Fuel

Bio-Nordic Fuel is a division of Bio-Nordic Ltd providing advice, facts and figures, fuel and fuel related products, and links to primary stakeholders related to the flourishing and diverse, global Renewable Energy market.

Sustainable Energy Sources:

Biofuels: Wood and Cellulosic Biomass, Biological Biomass, BioEthanol, BioGas
Fuel Cells: Hydrogen* and Biogas Fuel Cell Electricity Generation
Geothermal: Bedrock and Deep Bore Geothermal.
Hydro: Hydro Power, Tidal and Wave Electricity Generation.
Hydrogen*: Pure Hydrogen Combustion
Solar: Solar Thermal Direct, Solar Air, Ground & Water Source, Solar PV.
Wind: Horizontal & Vertical Axis Wind Electricity Generation

*although Hydrogen not an energy source as such, it is a very useful energy carrier and as such is very valuable in allowing intermittent renewable energy sources to to be readily converted,stored and transported.

Within this wide scope of sustainable energy sources, we are currently devoting our attention to biofuels, particularly wood and agriculturally derived fuels, as biomass heating is currently the mainstay and emphasis of Bio-Nordic’s operation due to our belief that together with energy demand reduction (see Bio-Nordic Build), transferring from non fossil-fuel based biofuels for heating and transport offers the most immediate and financially viable route to lowering UK carbon emissions.

Our Key Services:

  • Information source and associated advisory services
    • Fuel Facts and Figures: Bio-Nordic’s comprehensive fuel introduction
    • Biomass Energy Content & Price Database
  • Training and educational support
  • Project Research and Development
  • Testing and certifying fuels, including fuel analysis and combustion tests
  • Conversion of Agricultural and Industrial Waste Products to form BioFuels.
  • Municipal Waste to Fuel – Biogas and Biomass Heat Generation
  • Project & Cost Management, Strategic Planning
  • Budget Costings
  • Indicative fuel costs and that of associated plant to utilise the biofuel.
  • Grant, tariff or loan application support including accessing wood fuel infrastructure support and RHI tariffs, Carbon Trust Loans and other finance packages.
  • RHI Calculator
  • Wood and agri fuel chipping, pelletisation and briquetting – Products and Services
  • Linking Fuel Suppliers with Fuel Users.

Our Recommended Service Providers

The organisations and companies we recommend are respected industry providers in bio-energy circles both in the UK and around the world:

Forestry Commission UK (Link)

Wood Fuel Advisory Services
– Schedule Coming Soon

UK Biomass Fuel and Heat Energy Suppliers
– Schedule Coming Soon

NB. If you would like to be added to this list we would be delighted to discuss your own services and how we can help promote them.

Our Recommended Reference Documentation:

  • Forestry Commission: Wood Fuel Directory (Link)

Product Related Enquiries

We are currently in the process of introducing our new format website. Please contact us directly for information on fuel production equipment which has not yet been listed on this site.

For all products relating to combustion or transportation utilising biofuels please refer to our Bio-Nordic Heat and Bio-Nordic GO divisions.