Wood Pellet Optimised

Kvänum Energi AB, Sweden.

Wood Pellet Bio-Energy Cabins from Sweden’s Leading Specialist Supplier

Our Swedish designed and built Wood Pellet Bio-Energy Cabins from Kvänum Energi comprise everything necessary for reliable, fully automatic, highly efficient heat production from Wood Pellet, the most convenient and compact biomass fuel on the market.
The Bio-Energy Cabins range consists of single boiler units of heat sizes from just 100kW through to 600kW and double boiler units from 200kW up to 1200kW and are designed in true ‘Plug and Play’ format for fast and economic installation as a new, replacement or supplementary renewable heat source.

The wood pellet burner of choice in the Kvänum Energi Bio-Energy Cabins is the Swedish designed and manufactured Janfire Jet wood pellet burner. Janfire are one of Sweden’s best known suppliers of wood pellet heating burners and feed systems for both domestic and commercial installations and their products offer highly efficient and reliable operation. Each and every scheme’s boiler is then chosen from a select range of trusted suppliers, make and model being determined by the client’s particular application.

Because Kvänum Energi specialise in containerisation of heat sources, each and every Bio-Energy Cabin is tailor made to suit a client’s specific installation constraints. This is essential in ensuring compliance with Local Planning restrictions and aesthetic considerations. Their fully integrated, containerised Bio-Energy Cabins are supplied in either standard or low rise form depending on volume of fuel stored (frequency of fill) and whether the pellet storage system is coupled vertically.

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