Heating Ancillaries

A range of products that compliment the installation of biomass heating systems

Bio-Nordic supply hosts of associated and complimentary biomass heating ancillaries from both leading industry suppliers and more obscure, specialist manufacturers, so that we are able to offer complete renewable heating solutions that are not compromised by weak components or a lack of product awareness.

These ancillaries include, but are not limited to:

Heat Accumulators – Effecta AB

EarlX Range by Earlswood Services Ltd
In-situ and off-site fabricated bespoke welded pressurised tanks for site situations, so typical of the UK, that have restricted access or very specific placement dimensions.

A thermal heat accumulator is regarded as the heart of a biomass heating system and is an essential requirement for any log boiler installation as well as a highly desirable fundamental component for maximising operational efficiency and boiler component longevity.

Charging Assemblies – Laddomat by Termo-Ventiler AB

Thermal store charging (or loading) assemblies incorporating all that is necessary to ensure correct and safe temperature circulation through your biomass boiler and maximised heat stratification within the heat accumulator. Comprising pump,
thermostatic control valves, pipe manifold with isolating valves, temperature gauges and insulating jacket.

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